Tryout Course Map


Below is a proposed course tryout map.  It may change due to construction.  

Updated Below.. June 20th

Due to Construction on SCHS campus.  We will be running a modified tryout course.  The course is 3 miles long. It starts in the back of the school and loops around before leaving the school through the parking lot onto Presido.  You then turn right and run up the hill, turing right onto Calle Escuela.  Run on Escuala until it dead ends into Calle Miguel. Turn left onto Miguel and run back towards Presido, down the hill to Pico, turn left on Pico and back into the school.  You then loop around the school a few more times and end on the softball field at the finish.  If you have difficulty reading this map, send me and email and I will send you an attachment.


 SCHS Tryout Course June 20th