Weekly Articles

Below is a list of the weekly Article.  They are listed by the date assigned.  Obviously, that means they are due one week from the assigned date.

Weekly Chemistry Article Assignment

Journals are an important way that scientists communicate about big ideas. How would science be different if Einstein had kept his crazy rainbow-chasing ideas to himself?  What if Galileo never thought about the Earth orbiting around the Sun? Each week, you will be reading one article about interesting and important ideas in Chemistry.

Due on Friday each week


  • Read the article
  • Summarize the article in 10 sentences (must be handwritten)
  • Answer the following questions:
    • What’s one thing you already knew about this topic?
    • What’s one new thing you learned about this topic?
    • What’s one question you would like to have asked or learn more about?


Aug 20 - Serendipitous Chemistry  

Aug  27th - Tantalum

Sept 3rd - Chemistry of Coins

Sept 10th - The Sun

Sept 17th - Radium Girls

Sept 24th- Radioactivity

Oct 1st - Pencils and Lead

Oct 8th - Fireworks

Oct 15th -  Colorful Food

Oct 22nd - Matches

Oct 29th - Slime

Nov 5th - Carbon Monoxide

Nov 12th - Flaking Away Rust

Nov 19nd - Cinnamon



Jan 15th - Platinum

Jan 22nd - Thermometers

Jan 29th - Iodine

Feb 5th -  Frozen Gas

Feb 12th - Scuba

Feb 19th - Cryogenics

Feb 26th - Sports Drinks

Mar 5th - Salting Winter Roads

Mar 12th - Vanilla

Mar 19th - Chocolate

Mar 26th - Ice Cream

Apr 2nd - Poppy Seeds

Apr 16th - Urine

Apr 23rd - Hot Meals              

Apr 30th - Trans Fats

May 7th - Bad Orange Juice

May 14th - Chinese Restaurant