Course Description:  

This lecture and laboratory-based course is aligned with the California academic content standards in science. The course will emphasize the basic structural, physiological, ecological, and genetic principles as they pertain to living organisms. This course should be taken by college bound students and meets the "D" requirement of the UC/ CSU A-G course sequence - Lab Science.


Teaching Methods:  

This class will be taught using a variety of teaching methods including lectures, discussions, labs, computer simulations, demonstrations, and homework. 


Grading (These are approximate percentages)


TEXT BOOK: Biology by McDougal and Littell, Copyright © 2008




SCHEDULE: Monday through Friday 


HOURS: 7:30 am – 12:45 pm 


LOCATION:  Tesoro High School   






IMPORTANT: Students may not exceed a total of 5 accumulated points (any combination of absences or tardies). Students exceeding 5 points WILL BE DROPPED from the class on the sixth point. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE ATTENDANCE/TARDY POLICY.


Quizzes & Tests:  

These will be given on almost a daily basis.  Small quizzes will be given during and after each chapter, followed by a larger unit test after we complete each of the six units in this course. If you are absent from class, you will have one day to take the quiz or test. It is your responsibility to schedule and take your make-ups.  On the completion of this course, a comprehensive final will be given


Homework will be assigned regularly.  Points are received upon completion of homework on time.  Most homework assignments are worth 10 points.  Failure to turn in homework will receive a zero.  It is your responsibility to make up any homework during an absence from class. 


Bring the following with you every day:

1.  Notebook:   A 3 ring binder notebook is required for this class.  This notebook must have 4 dividers (with plastic tabs).  The dividers should be labeled and in the order as follows:

2.  Pen/pencil:   Bring both.

3.  Ruler, paper, graph paper:  Keep these in your notebook.  GRAPH PAPER IS A MUST!

4.  Textbook:  Textbook must be covered       


Class Rules:  (sorry to be negative, but every classroom has to have these)

BE RESPECTFUL AT ALL TIMES (the remaining rules fall under this one)


Contact Mr. Wilson: