Hand Crafted "Aloha" Bolo Ties

  • Each surfboard is individually hand crafted by Duncan Wilson, using authentic woods including koa, redwood, balsa, mahogany, pine, bass, birch, and cedar.  Boards available in 16 different models.  
  • Bolo ties are available with braided leather cords (Natural, Antique Red, or Turquoise/Natural color) or 1/8" nylon cords.  Additional colors available. 
  • Personalized logos available. Great for awards or special events (special order)
  • Custom boards on request (special order)
  • Nickel-plated bolo ends- ("Tear drop" or "Ribbed" ends.)


Ordering information: Select the surfboard you would like and then tell me what type of cord you would like (leather and color, or 1/8" nylon cord).  

Alaia Bolo
"Duke" Bolo
Redwood/Balsa Laminate Bolo
Deluxe Redwood/Balsa Laminate Bolo
"Blake" Style Paddleboard Bolo
Hot Curl Bolo
"Spoon" Bolo
"Pig" Style Longboard  Bolo
"Surf Shop" Paddleboard
60's Longboard Bolo
60's "Gun" Bolo
"George Freeth" Model Bolo
Trestle Special
"Simmon's Slot" Bolo
Duke "Flying V" Bolo
"Duke" Redwood/Balsa Bolo