Biology has aways been the study of life, but our knowledge of living things and our use of technology to study chapter 1them is aways changing.  For example, the above image of a yellow fever mosquito was made with a scanning electron microscope.  Why bother with a mosquito?  Because even in the 21st century, mosquitos can carry viruses for which we have no defense. (McDougal Littell Biology)
NGSS:  LS 1.2,  LS 1.6, LS 1.3, ES 3.4, ES 3.6               

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Biology Syllabus
Syllabus and Behavior Contract
Safety Contract
Lab Format
Student Notes: Unit 1: Chapter 1
Student Notes: Unit 2:  Chapter 2
PowerPoint Lecture Unit 1: Chapter 1
PowerPoint Lecture Unit 1: Chapter 2
PowerPoint Grading Rubric-wks: Chapter 1 & 2 Review
Quizlet: Ch1 Defining Terms
Quizlet: Ch2 Defining Terms
Interactive Periodic Table


Chapter 1 Defining Terms
Chapter 1 Concept Review
Chapter 2 Defining Terms
Chapter 2 Concept Review

Chapter 1 & 2 Review
Biochemistry Review
Scientific Method in Action
Identify the Controls and Variables
Pogil: Properties of Water

Labs and Classroom Activities:

Lab: The Scientific Method-Optical Illusions
Lab: Lost on the Moon
Lab: Data Analysis
Lab: The “Black Box”
Lab:Chemistry of Carbohydrates
Lab: Chemistry of Fats and Proteins
Lab: Buffers and pH
Lab: Chemical Nature of Enzymes
Lab:Using Acid Base Indicators
Lab: The Properties of Water
Lab: Is Sammy Alive
Lab: Organic Foods
Lab: Quicklab textbook Life Under Microscope
Lab:  The scientific method
Lab: Lactase Evolution Salivary Amylase
Macromolecule Virtual Lab

Textbook Resources:

Textbook Online Resourcesbiolog3[1]
Textbook Practice Quizzes Unit 1

Chapter 1 Review Game
Chapter 2 Review Game
Textbook Animated Biology

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Seinfeld: The Scientific Method
Properties of Water
5 tips to improve your critical thinking  (video worksheet)
Enzymes: The Proteins that Remind Us of Pac-Man
TedEd: How to speed up chemical reactions
TedEd: How atoms bond
TedEd: What is fat?
TedEd: What’s the difference between accuracy and precision?
TedEd: How polarity makes water behave strangely
TedEd: From DNA to Silly Putty, the diverse world of polymers
TedEd: What’s in a molecule?  (video worksheet)
TedEd: How does the thyroid manage your metabolism?
Bozeman: Positive and Negative Feedback Loops
Introduction to Homeostasis