Not all rain forests are teeming with monkeys and macaws.  The temperate rain forest of the Pacific ecologyNorthwest is inhabited by an entirely different community of plants and animals than is found in tropical rain forests.  Location, climatic conditions, and other abiotic factors determine what species you will find in a particular area.  (McDougal Littell Biology)

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Biology Syllabus
Syllabus and Behavior Contract
Safety Contract
Student Notes: Chapter 13
Student Notes: Chapter 14
Student Notes: Chapter 15
Student Notes: Chapter 16
PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 13
PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 14
PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 15
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PowerPoint Grading Rubric: Fall Final Review


Chapter 13 Defining Terms
Chapter 14 Defining Terms
Chapter 15 Defining Terms
Chapter 16 Defining Terms
Chapter 13 Concept Review
Chapter 14Concept Review
Chapter 15 Concept Review
Chapter 16 Concept Review
Student Worksheet for Strange Days on Planet Earth Volume 1
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Lab: Population Biology (online)
Lab: Modeling Ecosystems (online)
Lab:  Predator Prey Simulation (requires Shockwave)
Lab: Biome Poster
Lab: Invasive Species Poster & Gallery Walk
Food Chains and Food Webs
Biogeochemical Cycles
Predation and Starvation
Population Ecology Graphs
The Lesson of Kaibab
Biome Project
Owl Pellet Dissection
Survivorship Curves
Newspaper Weather Activity
Ground Temperature

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Textbook Practice Quizzes Unit 3

Chapter 13 Review Game
Chapter 14 Review Game
Chapter 15 Review Game
Chapter 16 Review Game
Textbook Animated Biology


National Geographic – Strange Days on Planet Earth – Part 1 of 4 – Invaders
Darwin’s Struggle: The Evolution of the Origin of Species