Perhaps you are familiar with the saying “Everything old is new again.”  This phrase usually indicates that a past style is again current.  However, it applies equally well to you.  The fusion of a single egg and sperm cell resulted in the complex creature that is you.  There’s never been anyone quite like you.  And yet the DNA that directs your cells came from your mother and father.  And their DNA came from their mother and father, and so on and so on.  In this unit, you will examine the process that went into making you who you are.  (McDougal and Littell)  Chapter 6

A natural disaster strikes.  Families are separated.  One application of biotechnology can help bring the families back together.  DNA geneticsfingerprinting can identify people at the genetic level.  And it allowed the child above, called Baby 81 by rescue workers, to be reunited with his parents months after a tsunami, or tidal wave, devastated many parts of Southeast Asia. (McDougal and Littell Biology)  Chapter 8 and 9
NGSS:  LS 1.1, LS 3.1,   LS 3.2,  LS 3.3, LS 4.2, LS 4.3

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Lectures and Notes:

Biology Syllabus
Lecture Notes Unit 4: Chapter 6
Lecture Notes Unit 4: Chapter 7
PowerPoint Lecture Unit 4: Chapter 6
PowerPoint Lecture Unit 4: Chapter 7
Quizlet: Chapter 6 Defining Terms
Quizlet: Chapter 7 Defining Terms
Quizlet: Chapter 6 & 7 Test Review   (student created)
Quizlet: Chapter 6 & 7 Test Review   (student created)
Kahoot Review: Chapter 6 & 7 Test Review
Lecture Notes:  Unit 4: Chapter 8 
Lecture Notes:  Unit 4: Chapter 9 
PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 8
PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 9
Quizlet: Chapter 8 Defining Terms  
Quizlet: Chapter 9 Defining Terms 
Kahoot Review: Unit 4 Test Review


Chapter 6 Defining Terms
Chapter 6 Concept Review
Chapter 7 Defining Terms
Chapter 7 Concept Review
Mendel and Genetic Crosses
Monohybrid Genetic Crosses
Dihybrid Genetic Crosses
Multiple Alleles Genetic Crosses
Sex-Linked Genetic Crosses
Punnett Square Review
Genetics of Sickle-cell Anemia
Practice Quiz: Punnett Squares
DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis
Chapter 6 & 7 Test Review  (key)
Chapter 8 Defining Terms
Chapter 9 Defining Terms
Chapter 8 Concept Review
Chapter 9 Concept Review

Labs and Classroom Activities:

Snurfle Meiosis       (simulation

Beaker Babies  (Birth Certificate)
Online Punnett Squares
Lab: Online Karyotyping Activity   (site1) (site 2)
Fingerprints and Incomplete Dominance
Wheat Germ DNA Extraction
Protein Synthesis
Protein Synthesis and Tribbles
Simulating Protein Synthesis
DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis
Protein Synthesis Virtual Lab (Glencoe)  (online link)
Lab: Protein Synthesis and Tribbles
Lab: DNA Modeling
The Unknown Soldier
Analyzing Genetic Variation 
Pedigree Analysis 
Unit III Test Review

Textbook Resources:

Textbook Online Resourcesbiolog3[1]

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DNA Structure and Function (Amoeba Sisters)
DNA Replication: The Cell’s Extreme Team Sport
The Cell Cycle and Cancer
Meiosis: The Great Divide

What are stem cells? (TedEd)
Mitosis Splitting up is complicated (Learnhub)

Rosalind Franklin: DNA’s unsung hero (TedEd)
Introduction to Protein Synthesis  
From DNA to protein – 3D
Transcription and Translation
mRNA Translation (Basic)

Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever – CRISPR   

CRISPR: A Gene-Editing Superpower
Epigenetics: Why Inheritance Is Weirder Than We Thought
TedEd What is epigenetics? 
Protein Synthesis and the Lean, Mean Ribosome Machines
Ted Ed: Why do we wear sunscreen?
DNA FingerprintingTedEd: How Mendel’s pea plants  
TedEd: Where do genes come from?
TedEd: What happens when your DNA is damaged?
TedEd: The science of skin color 
TedEd: DNA: The book of you 
TedEd: Dominant vs. Recessive Alleles: Bite Sci-zed
Sickle Cell Disease
Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever – CRISPR   
CRISPR: A Gene-Editing Superpower
Epigenetics: Why Inheritance Is Weirder Than We Thought
TedEd What is epigenetics?
Bozeman Science: Mendelian Genetics