The star-nosed mole has a pink snout that is especially good at finding food.  The snout’s 22 fingerlike rays can touch up to 12 ev olutionobjects in just one second.  The mole also uses strong paddle-shaped feet for burrowing, and its large ear openings give it excellent hearing.  These special traits make up for it poor vision- which it doesn’t really need underground.  (McDougal Littell) Chapter 10

You may think that if you’ve seen one penguin, you’ve seen them all.  However, penguins can differ in body size, feather patterns, and many other traits.  Just like humans, penguins are genetically different from one another.  What is the nature of genetic variation in populations?  And how is this variation measured by biologists?   (McDougal Littell) Chapter 11

Tollund Man and the arthropod found in the Burgess Shale site are both traces of Earth’s history of life, although they lived about 500 million years apart.  They were also preserved as fossils in different ways.  In this section, you will learn about types of fossils, how fossils form, and how they can help us understand the history of life on Earth.  (McDougal Littell)  Chapter 12
NGSS:  LS 4.1, LS 4.2, LS 4.3, LS 4.4,  LS 4.5, ES 1.5, ES 2.5, ES 3.1,         ES 3.4                                                                

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Biology Syllabus
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Student Notes: Chapter 10
PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 10
Quizlet: Chapter 10 Defining Terms
Student Notes: Unit 11 (Chapter 11)
PowerPoint Lecture: Unit 11 (Chapter 11) 

Quizlet: Chapter 11 Defining Terms
Student Notes: Unit 5 (Chapter 12)
PowerPoint Lecture: Unit 5  (Chapter 12)
Quizlet: Chapter 12 Defining Terms
Kahoot Review: Chapter 10 Test
Kahoot Review:  Unit 5 Test (Evolution. Ch10-12)  


Chapter 10 Concept Review
Chapter 10 Defining Terms
Worksheet: The Selection Process
Worksheet: Video Worksheet “Was Darwin Right or Wrong
Worksheet: Chapter 10 Test Review
PowerPoint Rubric: Chapter 10 Test Review
Chapter 11 Concept Review
Chapter 11 Defining Terms
Pogil: Evolution and Selection
Video Worksheet: Cosmos Episode 2
Video Worksheet: Cosmos Episode 8
Video Worksheet: Mutations-Science of Survival
Video Worksheet: “Dogs and More Dogs
Video Worksheet: “Was Darwin Right or Wrong?”
Human Evolution – Comparing Primates
The Selection Process
The Science of Avatar 
(extra credit
Chapter 12 Concept Review
Chapter 12 Defining Terms

Kahoot Review:  Chapter 10
Unit 5 (Evolution) Test Review wks   (KEY)

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Peppered Moth Simulation    (simulation)   (key)
“Build a Beast” 
A Fishy Twist on Adaptations
Evolution of Cartoon Fossils
Amino Acid Sequence and Evolution 
Geologic Time Scale
 Lab: Peppered Moth Survey Peppered Moth Simulation Peppered Moth Simulation background sheets
Interpreting Fossil Evidence
Resource Manual Interpreting Fossil Evidence-Bones
Lab: Genetic Drift
Recent Adaptations in Humans   (interactive link)
Interpreting Fossil Evidence   (Resource Manual)

Evolution of Cartoon Fossils
Lab: A Fishy Twist    (Adaptation Cards)
Geologic Timescale

Radiometric Dating
The Science of Avatar (slideshow) (worksheet)

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Common Misconceptions about Evolution  (video worksheet)
How Evolution Works
Carl Sagan Explains Evolution

Evolution The Evolution of humans documentary 2014
What is Natural Selection?   (video worksheet)
What is the Evidence for Evolution?   (video worksheet)
Ted Ed Why are fish fish-shaped
Proof of evolution that you can find on your body
Why Did Our Hair Evolve To Grow In Odd Places? 
10 ODD Things Humans Have Thanks To EVOLUTION
TedEd: Myths and misconceptions about evolution
TedEd: The Evolution of the Human Eye 

Ted Ed: How did feathers evolve?
Ted Ed: What causes antibiotic resistance?   (video worksheet)
Bozeman Science:  Natural Selection

Bozeman Science:  Evidence of Evolution
Bozeman Science:  Speciation and Extinction
Bozeman Science:  Micoevolution

Bozeman Science:  Coevolution   (video worksheet)
Bozeman Science:  The Origin of Life – Scientific Evidence  (video worksheet)
Dogs and More Dogs   (video worksheet)
What Happened Before History? Human Origins
BBC Walking with Monsters – Life Before Dinosaurs 1
BBC Walking with Monsters – Life Before Dinosaurs 2
BBC Walking with Monsters Episode 3 – Clash of Titans   (video wks)