This climber has to concentrate on every move- one slip could mean serious injury or even death.  His body is working just as hard on theWEBSITE human bio inside to provide energy and to maintain a stable body temperature.  The climber’s clothes help prevent heat loss, while his body’s internal systems increases his body heat.  (McDougall Littell Biology)
NGSS: LS 1.2, LS 1.3                             

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Lectures and Notes:

Biology Syllabus
Student Notes: Physiology Overview
Student Notes Chapter 28
Student Notes Chapter 29
Student Notes Chapter 30
Student Notes Chapter 31
Student Notes Chapter 32
Student Notes Chapter 33
Student Notes Chapter 34
PowerPoint: Physiology Overview
PowerPoint Chapter 28
PowerPoint Chapter 29
PowerPoint Chapter 30
PowerPoint Chapter 31
PowerPoint Chapter 32
PowerPoint Chapter 33
PowerPoint Chapter 34    


Worksheet: Chapter 28 Defining Terms
Worksheet: Chapter 29 Defining Terms
Worksheet: Chapter 30 Defining Terms
Worksheet: Chapter 31 Defining Terms
Worksheet: Chapter 32 Defining Terms
Worksheet: Chapter 33 Defining Terms
Worksheet: Chapter 34 Defining Terms
Worksheet: Chapter 28 Reviewing Concepts
Worksheet: Chapter 29 Reviewing Concepts
Worksheet: Chapter 30 Reviewing Concepts
Worksheet: Chapter 31 Reviewing Concepts
Worksheet: The Human Skeleton
Worksheet: Eating Smart Assessment
Worksheet: Physiology Review
Worksheet: Eating Smart Assessment

Labs and Classroom Activities:

Reaction Time
Signal Transmission in Nervous System
Measuring Lung Capacity
Interpreting Skeletal Remains
Right Side Left Side
Vision Investigation
Sweat Glands in the Skin
Skin Sensitivity
Taste and Smell
Observing Bone
Observing Bone
The Effects of Food on Digestion
The Spread of Viral Pathogens
The Effects of Alcohol on Human Reactions
Measuring Heartbeat
Taking Blood Pressure
Lab: Relating Chronic Diseases and Nutrition

Textbook Resources:

Textbook Online Resourcesbiolog3[1]


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Ted Ed: Why do we wear sunscreen?