Every time you catch a ball, ride a bike, or lift a bag, you are using physics to make predictions without realizing it.  For example, you predict where obstacles will be at later tiphysics webmes.  You estimate how much force it will take to move an object.  You prevent objects from rolling away or tipping over.  Mechanics is the branch of physics that deals with the effects of forces and energy in a given situation.  In this unit, you will learn many interesting facts about forces, motion, and energy. (Prentice Hall Conceptual Physics-Paul Hewitt)

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Chapter 1: About Physics

Syllabus and Rules Contract
Safety Contract
Physics Equations
Notes Chapter 1
Notes: Math Tools
PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 1
Worksheet: Defining Terms Chapter 1
Worksheet: Concept Review Chapter 1
Worksheet: Rearranging Formulas
Lab: Lost on the Moon
Lab: Scientific Method and Optical Illusions
Practice Quiz: Chapter 1 & 2

Chapter 2: Mechanical Equilibrium

Notes Chapter 2
PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 2
Worksheet: Defining Terms Chapter 2
Worksheet: Concept Review Chapter 2
Worksheet: Equation Review
Worksheet: The Parallelogram Rule
Worksheet: The Pythagorean Theorem
Worksheet: Chapter 1 and 2 Review
Lab: Mechanical Equilibrium
Lab: Introduction to Forces
Lab: Frictional Forces
Practice Quiz: Chapter 1 and 2

Chapter 3: Newton’s First Law of Motion

Notes Chapter 3
PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 3
Worksheet: Defining Terms Chapter 3
Worksheet: Concept Review Chapter 3
Worksheet: Equation Review chapter 3
Lab: Newton’s First Law of Motion
Practice Quiz: Chapter 3

Chapter 4: Linear Motion

Notes Chapter 4
PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 4
Worksheet: Defining Terms Chapter 4
Worksheet: Concept Review Chapter 4
Worksheet: Equation Review Chapter 4
Worksheet: Free Fall Chapter 4
 Worksheet: Interpreting Graphs
Worksheet: Linear Motion Word Problems
Lab: Reaction Time
Lab: Dominoes
Practice Quiz: Chapter 4

Chapter 5: Projectile Motion

Notes Chapter 5
PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 5
Worksheet: Defining Terms Chapter 5
Worksheet: Concept Review Chapter 5
Worksheet: Equation Review Chapter 5
Worksheet: Independence of Motion
Lab: Motion of a Pendulum
Lab: Independence of Motion
Lab: Hit the Cup
Practice Quiz: Chapter 5

Chapter 6: Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion

Notes Chapter 6
PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 6
Worksheet: Defining Terms Chapter 6
Worksheet: Concept Review Chapter 6
Worksheet: Equation Review Chapter 6
Worksheet: Newton’s Second Law
Practice Quiz: Chapter 6

Chapter 7: Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion

Notes Chapter 7
PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 7
Worksheet: Defining Terms Chapter 7
Worksheet: Concept Review Chapter 7
Worksheet: Equation Review Chapter 7
Worksheet: Chapter 1-7 Review
Lab: Balloon Rockets and Newton’s Third Law
Practice Test: Chapters 1-7 

Chapter 8: Momentum

Practice Quiz: Chapter 8
Student Notes: Chapter 8
PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 8
Concept Review Chapter 8
Equation Review: Chapter 8 Momentum Word Problems
Equation Review: Chapter 8 Conservation of Momentum
Worksheet: Momentum Test Review
Practice Quiz: Chapter 8

Chapter 9: Energy

Practice Quiz: Chapter 9
Student Notes: Chapter 9
PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 9
Concept Review Chapter 9
Equation Review: Chapter 9
Worksheet: Energy and Work
Worksheet: Energy Problems
Worksheet: Chapter 9 Test Review
Lab: Trebuchets and the Conservation of Energy
Lab: Virtual Roller Coaster
Lab: The Whirlybird Project
Lab: Trebuchet Template 1
Lab: Trebuchet Template 2
Lab: Trebuchet Construction Tips
Practice Quiz: Chapter 9

Chapter 10: Circular Motion

Student Notes: Chapter 10
PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 10
Concept Review Chapter 10
Equation Review: Chapter 10
Worksheet: Circular Motion
Worksheet: Circular Motion Test Review
Lab: Circular Motion and Forces
Lab: Circular Motion
Practice Quiz: Chapter 10

Chapter 13: Universal Gravitation

Student Notes: Chapter 13
PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 13
Worksheet: Universal Gravitation
Worksheet: Circular Motion Test Review
Lab: Surface Gravity and Weight
Lab: Lunar Lander

Chapter 14: Satellite Motion

Student Notes: Chapter 14
PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 14
Worksheet: Satellite Motion
Worksheet: Circular Motion Test Review
Worksheet: Chapter14 Defining Terms
Practice Quiz: Chapter 14

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