rkElectricity is a form of energy represented by the movement of electric charge from one position to another.  An electric charge can exert a force on other charged lightning websiteobjects without even touching them, similar to the way a magnet can attract or repel other objects without touching them.  In this unit you will learn many interesting facts about electricity and magnetism.  (Prentice Hall Conceptual Physics-Paul Hewitt)

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Lectures and Notes:

Syllabus (Conceptual Physics)
Chapter 32 Student Notes (Electrostatics)
Chapter 33 Student Notes (Electric Fields)
Chapter 34 Student Notes (Electric Current)
Chapter 35 Student Notes (Electric Circuits)
Chapter 36 and 37  Student Notes (Magnetism & Induction)
Chapter 32 PowerPoint Lecture (Electrostatics)
Chapter 33 PowerPoint Lecture (Electric Fields)
Chapter 34 PowerPoint Lecture (Electric Current)
Chapter 35 PowerPoint Lecture (Electric Circuits)
Chapter 36 P& 37owerPoint Lecture (Magnetism) & Induction)


Chapter 32 Defining Terms
Chapter 32 Concept Review
Chapter 32: Test Review
Chapter 33 Defining Terms
Chapter 33 Concept Review
Chapter 34Defining Terms
Chapter 34 Concept Review
Chapter 34 Equation Review
Chapter 34: Electric Current and Circuits
Chapter 34: Test Review (Current Electricity)
Chapter 35 Defining Terms
Chapter 35 Concept Review
Chapter 35: Circuits and Ohm’s Law
Chapter 35: Practice Quiz (Circuits and Ohm’s Law)
Video Worksheet: The Story of Electricity
Video Worksheet: BBC-Lightning
Video Worksheet:
UNIT 6: Test Review
Avatar movie questions
Spring Final Exam Review  (Grading Rubric: ppt)  (Grading Rubric pdf)

Labs and Classroom Activities:

Lab: Investigating Charged Rods and Neutral Pith Ball
Lab: Voltage in Electrical Circuits (Ohm Zone)
Lab: Electricity and Circuits
Lab: Voltage Circuit Simulator & Ohm’s Law
Lab: Making a Foxhole Radio
Lab: Making an Electroscope
Lab: Making a Penny Battery
Lab: Snap Circuits
Lab: “Charge and Carry”
Lab: Making a Homemade Compass
Lab: “John Travoltage” pHet
Lab: “World’s Simplest Motor”
Lab: Photovoltaic Cells
Ted Ed: How do Solar Panels Work?  (worksheet)
Float-a-Boat Rules  (video)

Textbook Resources:

Conceptual Physics Paul Hewitt
Hewitt Drew-it

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Ted Ed: The science of static electricity (worksheet)
Ted Ed: Electric Vocabulary (worksheet)
Ted Ed: The most lightning-struck place on Earth 
TeEd: How do Batteries Work?
Ted Ed: How do Solar Panels Work?  (worksheet)
Ted Ed: How do Fish Make Electricity?
MAGNETS: How Do They Work?