Students will demonstrate understanding of DNA and replication by building a model and defend a claim that DNA is the heritable genetic information. Students will construct explanations on how the cell cycle ensures fidelity of information from the replication website dnastage through Mitosis. Students will construct explanations on how errors in replication lead to mutations in DNA and lead to variation among organisms. Students will research how environmental factors lead to DNA mutations, and how those mutations may or may not be passed onto offspring.  Students will model meiosis using manipulatives to illustrate that new genetic combination form through meiosis via crossing over and independent assortment of chromosomes.

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Lectures and Notes:

Honors Biology Syllabus
Notes:  Unit 4 (DNA and Cell Division)

PowerPoint Unit 4 (DNA and Cell Division)
Quizlet 1: DNA and Cell Division (student created)
Quizlet 2: DNA and Cell Division (student created)
Quizlet 3: DNA and Cell Division (student created)
Unit 4 Study Guide (student created)
Kahoot Review: DNA and Cell Division
PowerPoint Grading Rubric:  Quiz DNA Structure
PowerPoint Grading Rubric:  Lab-Wheat Germ DNA Extraction
Skin Cancer Facts      
Fall Final Review worksheet (2018)
Fall Final Vocabulary list
Kahoot: Fall Final Review
Quizlet 1: Fall Final Review (student created)
Quizlet 2: Fall Final Review (student created)
Quizlet 3: Fall Final Review (student created)
Quizlet 4: Fall Final Review (student created)
Quizlet 5: Fall Final Review (student created)
Fall Final Study Guide (student created)
Fall Final Study Guide (student created)
Fall Final Study Guide  
Study Guide: Unit 4 (DNA and Cell Division)
Kahoot Review: Fall Final Review



Formal Lab Write-up
Pogil: The Cell Cycle
Pogil: Mitosis
Pogil: Meiosis
Pogil: DNA Structure and Replication
Unit 4 Test Review
PowerPoint Rubric: Study Guide Unit 4
Fall Final Review worksheet (2019)
PowerPoint Rubric: Fall Final Review worksheet (2018)

Labs and Classroom Activities:

Lab: Identifying DNA as Genetic Material Timeline
Lab: Wheat Germ DNA Extraction
Lab: Mitosis Flip Books
Lab: UV Light and Skin Cancer
Grading Rubric:  UV Light and Skin Cancer
Lab: Snurfle Meiosis    (Snurfle interactive site)

Textbook & other Resources:

Textbook Online Resourcesbiolog3[1]
Textbook Practice Quizzes Unit 4
Chapter 5 Review Game
Chapter 6 Review Game
Chapter 8 Review Game
Textbook Animated Biology
Practice Tests: Biology Junction

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DNA Structure and Function (Amoeba Sisters)
DNA Replication: The Cell’s Extreme Team Sport
The Cell Cycle and Cancer
Meiosis: The Great Divide
What are stem cells? (TedEd)
Mitosis Splitting up is complicated (Learnhub)
Rosalind Franklin: DNA’s unsung hero (TedEd)
Introduction to Protein Synthesis  
From DNA to protein – 3D
Transcription and Translation
mRNA Translation (Basic)
Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever – CRISPR  

CRISPR: A Gene-Editing Superpower
Epigenetics: Why Inheritance Is Weirder Than We Thought
TedEd What is epigenetics?
Protein Synthesis and the Lean, Mean Ribosome Machines
Ted Ed: Why do we wear sunscreen?