website evolutionStudents will use their understanding of  diversity, due to mutations and gene shuffling, to construct the foundation of evolution.  Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection, the pathway of random variations being selected for by environmental pressures such as competition and predation, is the mechanism which modern evolution is based on..  Through analysis of evidence, students will build an argument supporting the theory of change citing biogeographical data, genomic and structural similarities, and changes in genetic frequencies.  Students will develop models of evolution illustrating the outcomes of changing influences within ecosystems on a given population.  Based on the patterns observed, students will construct predictions of population change patterns (such as genetic drift, gene flow, etc.) due to environmental change, specifying how selection pressures influence species fitness, the frequency of phenotypes and ultimately genotypes.  Mathematical evidence will be used by students to analyze and confirm the evolution of populations through comparative calculations of genetic frequencies.

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Lectures and Notes:

Honors Biology Syllabus
Syllabus and Behavior Contract
Safety Contract
Unit 8: Chapter 10 PowerPoint Lecture
Unit 8: Chapter 10 Student Notes
Unit 8: Chapter 11 PowerPoint Lecture
Unit 8: Chapter 11 Student Notes
Unit 8: Chapter 12 PowerPoint Lecture
Unit 8: Chapter 12 Student Notes
Quizlet: Chapter 10 Test Review (student created)

Quizlet: Chapter 11 Test Review (student created)
Quizlet: Chapter 12 Test Review ( student created)
Unit 8 Study Guide (Chapter 10)
Unit 8 Study Guide (Chapter 10) (student created)
Unit 8 Study Guide (Chapter 11)
Unit 8 Study Guide (Chapter 11)
(student created)
Unit 8 Study Guide (Chapter 12)
Unit 8 Study Guide (Chapter 12)
(student created)
Unit 8 Study Guide (student created)
Quizlet: Unit 8 (student created)
Quizlet: Unit 8 (student created)
Quizlet: Unit 8 (student created)
Quizlet: Unit 8 (student created)
Kahoot Review: Chapter 10
Kahoot Review: Chapter 11


Formal Lab Write-up
Pogil: Evidence of Evolution
Pogil: Evolution and Selection
Video Worksheet: Cosmos Episode 2
Video Worksheet: Cosmos Episode 8
Video Worksheet: Mutations-Science of Survival
Video Worksheet: “Dogs and More Dogs
Video Worksheet: “Was Darwin Right or Wrong?”
Human Evolution – Comparing Primates
The Selection Process
The Science of Avatar (extra credit)
Worksheet: Chapter 10 Test Review (Key)
Worksheet: Chapter 11 Test Review (Key)

Labs and Classroom Activities:

Peppered Moth Simulation    (simulation)   (key)
Peppered Moth Survey   (key)
Lizard Evolution Virtual Lab
Evidence of Evolution
Recent Adaptations in Humans
Interpreting Fossil Evidence   (Resource Manual)
Evolution of Cartoon Fossils
Natural Selection and the Evolution of Darwin’s Finches (Student handout)
Investigating Genetic Drift    (formal lab Write-up)
Lab: A Fishy Twist    (Adaptation Cards)
Geologic Timescale
“Build a Beast”
Radiometric Dating

Textbook Resources:

Textbook Online Resourcesbiolog3[1]
Textbook Practice Quizzes Unit 2

Chapter 10 Review Game
Chapter 11 Review Game
Chapter 12 Review Game

Textbook Animated Biology

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Common Misconceptions about Evolution  (video worksheet)
How Evolution Works
Carl Sagan Explains Evolution
Evolution The Evolution of humans documentary 2014
What is Natural Selection?   (video worksheet)
What is the Evidence for Evolution?   (video worksheet)
Ted Ed Why are fish fish-shaped
Proof of evolution that you can find on your body
Why Did Our Hair Evolve To Grow In Odd Places?
10 ODD Things Humans Have Thanks To EVOLUTION
TedEd: Myths and misconceptions about evolution
TedEd: The Evolution of the Human Eye 
Ted Ed: How did feathers evolve?
Ted Ed: What causes antibiotic resistance?   (video worksheet)
Bozeman Science:  Natural Selection
Bozeman Science:  Evidence of Evolution
Bozeman Science:  Speciation and Extinction
Bozeman Science:  Micoevolution
Bozeman Science:  Coevolution   (video worksheet)
Bozeman Science:  The Origin of Life – Scientific Evidence  (video worksheet)
Dogs and More Dogs   (video worksheet)