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Take your best shot!  Simply left click on part of picture, drag and release!

(If you had a Java-capable browser, you'd see a really cool applet here.)   

Saving or Printing

For security reasons, by default Java (which is a program that allows you to alter the picture above) won't let you save or print a file (so that a Java applet can't erase your hard drive, for example). So, to save or print your creation, follow these steps:

Windows with Microsoft Word

1. Take a screen shot.  Press Alt + PrintScreen. (The PrintScreen button is on the upper-right of your keyboard, often labeled PrtScn or something like that.)

2. Paste it into Microsoft Word (or image editing program). Open up Word -- this can be found either on the office toolbar in the upper right hand corner of your screen, or under the Start menu, under Programs >> Word.  

4 Paste Image.  You can paste image into your Word document by either clicking Edit >> Paste, or right click your mouse and then click Paste.

5. Crop it. If you want, you can use Word's Picture Tool Bar and select the Crop button 

6. Save or Print. Now you can save or print the picture you made.

AlexWarp applet by Alex Rosen - http://www.axlrosen.net/

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