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SCHS Float-A-Boat Competition 

Object:  To be the fastest boat across the SCHS pool with one or more “aquanauts” (students) in your boat.  The boat must survive the entire journey across the water.  If you take on a “significant amount” of water in the process, you will be disqualified. (“significant amount” will be determined by the yacht club)

When:  Tuesday, June 14th at 3:30 PM on the Pool Deck



·       Teams of 2-4 people ONLY.  (n-1) people must be in the boat (Example, if you have a team of 3, then at least 2 people must be in the boat)

·       You must sit in the boat - You cannot Lay down in the boat.  No "surfboard" or "boogieboard" type of propulsion.  No paddling like you're going out to ride some waves.   No sitting on your knees. 

·       One person's Name and Teacher must be written on the boat in Permanent (waterproof) Ink or Duct Tape.  (Example:  Wendy Smith - Batten).  You will not be allowed to enter the water unless your boat has a name  on it.  The name is to identify you in case you don't clean up your boat after the race!  Failure to take the "remains" of your boat to the garbage will result in grade loss!

·       You must provide PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE of your participation in the construction of the float-a-boat.  A minimum of 4 photographs placed on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper must be presented to your physics teacher following float-a-boat which shows the ACTIVE participation of each member of your group!  Do not e-mail the photos.  Print them out and put them on an 8 1/2" x 11" paper.

The following is a list of items you may use.  If you want to use something that is not on this list, you must first consult with the Admirals (Young, Proodian, Batten or Wilson).  Permission to “come aboard” will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

  •  Cardboard                ·       

  • 2L soda bottles - MAXIMUM of 20 bottles per boat

  • Maximum of TWO Large 5 Gallon Sparkletts Bottles - as Pontoons only!

  •  If you use 500 mL bottles, they must be bundled together in some fashion so they don't begin to diperse all around the pool.  Do not use too many 500 mL bottles.  Check with the admirals if you are concerned it is too many.

  • Duct Tape         - Be sure to fully protect your boat with duct tape.  Boats that do not use enough tape will take on water and disintegrate.  Cardboard disintegrates upon contact with water.  Do not  let this happen as it ruins the pool!  And you will get a failing grade!     

  • Oars must be made of cardboard, duct tape and 2L soda bottles only!

·        Forbidden Items


NO WOOD        

NO Wax

*  NO Styrofoam    or       Fiberglass

·       NO Water-Balloons (sorry, but when they pop, they clog up the pool drains)

  • NO Saran Wrap    or     Plastic


Can I try to Sink Another Boat?

You may NOT try to sink another boat by ramming, but you may use a Squirt Gun (No Balloons) to confuse your opponent.  Super Soakers are welcome!


    No sabotage of boats from people in the water!  This will be videotaped for evidence and you will receive no credit for this assignment!!!!  People have worked hard on these boats, do not try to sink them!  No one is allowed in the water except the sailors and Sea Rescue/Harbor Patrol.


     You may only use your hands (or an oar with your hand).  You may NOT lie down flat on your stomach on the boat!

Be Creative:  

     The boat can be as big or as small as you want it to be.  It must carry at least one aquanaut and be the fastest thing across the water  (if you have a team of 3, then at least 2 people must ride in the boat.  If you have a team of 4, then at least 3 people must ride in the boat.)  If there are other items you want to try to see if they will help your chances of success, just ask an Admiral – no reasonable request will be refused.  

What actually happens on the day of the event?

1.  Pick up a 3x5 card from your teacher the day before the race.  Put the names of each of your team members on the card - and their TEACHER's name too.  Bring that card with you to the pool. 

2.  When you arrive at the pool deck, immediately proceed to the "starting blocks" side of the pool (the side bordered by the band room).  First come, first serve into the water.  Hand your 3x5 card to the teacher standing there and he'll assign you a lane.

3.  When the "heat" begins, you must paddle like mad to the other side.  Upon reaching the other side, you will pull your boat (or what's left of it) out of the icy waters and tell the Yoeman/Yoewoman your name(s) and your teacher's name.  The Yoeman/Yoewoman will then tell you the time it took you to get across the pool (only the first person's across will receive a time) and tell you if your boat made it all the way or if it disintegrated.  If your boat disintegrates, you will only receive 0% credit if you fail to pick it up.

4.  After you have checked in with the Yoeman/Yoewoman, you will then be directed to the final resting place of your boat - the SCHS trash cans.  Any boats left on the pool deck (including in the trash cans of the pool deck) will receive an automatic F.  TRASH MUST BE PLACED IN LARGE TRASH BINS NEAR THE SOCCER FIELD!  NO TRASH CAN BE LEFT IN TRASH CANS ON THE POOL DECK!

5.  You are responsible for RECYCLING any recyclable materials (Clean Cardboard and 2L soda bottles)

6.  You are responsible for any disintegrating items which sink to the bottom of the pool.

Volunteer for Extra Credit:  See Mr. Young, Proodian, Batten or Wilson to apply!

1.  We need a "runner" who will take the names from the starting block over to the finish line

2.  We need a "Sea Rescue/Harbor Patrol Crew" who will rescue boats before they completely submerge and disintegrate into pieces on the bottom of the pool floor.

Extra credit Categories:

- Fastest boat across the pool (simple:  be the fastest and you win.)

- Best theme (Boat and Crew must be similarly outfitted - eg.  Pirates, Vikings...etc)

- Best Costume design - (Crew has cool outfits)

- Best Boat design - (Boat is of the best design)

-  Largest number of people to set sail in 1 boat which makes it all the way across the pool

- Admiral's special trophy (at the discretion of the admirals - Young, Proodian, Batten and Wilson)


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