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These explorations are intended to expand your understanding of selected topics of Biology.  Use the links below and/or your favorite Internet search engine (e.g., Google and Yahoo) to roam around the World Wide Web and discover what other people who have interest in these subjects have said to explain and support their views.  There's a lot to learn in this information age. Using the Web allows you to discover tons more than you may have ever known possible.  

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Questions to Explore

1. The technique of artificial fertilization is crucial to Mendel's studies of hybrids. Name four species of flowers on which artificial fertlization can be performed, and explain whether they are equally suitable for an experiment that tries to discover whether the characters of the hybrids can be predicted given the characters of the parents.

2. Give an example of a "law" from either physics or chemistry, and explain the difference between scientific law and the definition of a scientific term.

3. Briefly describe how botanists in the late 20th century decide whether two plants, that seem similar but are not identical in appearance, are members of the same species. Make sure to note the sources for your information.

4. Calculate the mean of the following sequence of numbers, which represent the results from a test given to a high school algebra class (the range of the test was 0-100):

                    54, 76, 32, 97, 76, 45, 57, 67, 72, 21, 59, 93, 55, 70

5. Name at least three difficulties Mendel would have encountered in the design of his experiments had he chosen to study animal rather than plant hybrids. Would there have been any advantages to studying animals?

6. Give an example of a species of plant or animal, other than the pea species mentioned by Mendel, that exhibits several sharply defined characters that appear in only two forms.

7. Give two examples of plant or animal characteristics that seems to exhibit "blending" inheritance (i.e. hybrids look like a blend of parental forms), and two that do not seem to exhibit blending.

The Internet Resources

Additional Search Engines

If you have not used a search engine before or if you have not been satisfied with the ones that you have used, try one of the following.  Each has its strengths and weaknesses.  Unfortunately, none of them can link you to everything available on the Web today because of the rapid growth of sites.

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Search Engines
MetaSearch Sites
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Specialized Search Tools

CAUTION:  In doing your searches, keep in mind that not everything on the Web is accurate, current, or true.  To help discover which sites can be trusted and which ones cannot, ask yourself the following questions:

1.   Who are the authors of the site?  What are their credentials?  Are they experts?
2. Is the information current?  When was the website created and last updated?
3. Do the facts presented in the site seem correct?
4. Is the purpose of the site to objectively inform and explain or to persuade and sell a particular perspective?

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