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Biology Online Practice Tests


DIRECTIONS:  Please read and follow the directions below for taking the online extra credit test.  Your test results will automatically be sent to me and I will add your extra credit points when we return to school.   The rubric I will use to determine how many points you will earn is based on you score on the test.   My grading rubric is shown below.  You will have to take the test by Sunday, April 13th!

  • 90%-100% = 25 Points

  • 80%-89% = 23 Points

  • 70%-79% = 20 Points

  • 60%-69% = 15 Points

  • 50%-50% = 10 Points

  • below 50% = 8 Points


I. Logging onto website:

  1. Click on the following link to log onto the Scantron Achievement Series website:    http://www.achievementseries.com  

  2.  Click Begin Test

  3. Type the Site ID, Test ID, and Student ID in the appropriate areas. (HINT: write these down on a separate sheet of paper to log onto site)

    Site ID #:   69-1398-3359

    Test ID#:   

    • Body Regulation Test ID#: 77513

    Student ID#:   use your 7-digit student ID number on your SCHS ID Card 

  4. Click Next.

  5. Read the directions for taking the test below:

II. Taking the online test:

  • Click 1 or Forward at the bottom of the test.

  • For each question:

  1. Read the question

  2. Click  to select an answer

  3. Click to eliminate answer(s) you know are not correct or to remove your answer selection. Click it again if you change your mind.

  4. Check Mark answer for review (if available) if you are not sure of your answer and want to review it before turning n the test.

  • When you finish the questions, review your answers (if available), then click Turn in Test.



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