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Course Description:  Conceptual Physics is an introductory course for the college-bound student who wishes to undertake a challenging science course.  Conceptual physics focuses more on the ideas and concepts of physics rather than the complex math that helps to explain the concepts. Demonstrations, computer simulations, and laboratory work will combine to help develop the studentís understanding of physics and its role in the Universe.  

This course will be taught with a heavy emphasis on laboratory investigations. Lectures will cover the main concepts in the chapters and labs will reinforce those concepts. Students will be required to take notes from the lectures or labs. Quizzes and tests will be given periodically to insure students understand the material (remember that practice tests and review games are available online on my homework page) . Critical thinking skills and hands-on investigative skills will be emphasized in the labs, where students will often work with partners or groups to develop cooperative learning skills.  

Students can refer to the School Loop Calendar for class work assignments.  The Calendar reflects projected class work and may be altered.  Students are required to write down the weeks schedule every Monday in class in their notebooks or "binder reminders".  This may be updated during the week and it is the students responsibility to update as necessary.  Parents are encouraged to check their students work every day.  Current grades and assignment due dates can be accessed by logging onto School Loop   Both students and parents are encouraged to check this regularly.

PUMPKIN DROP  October 26th 

A variety of materials are offered online for both students and parents alike.  Lecture notes and Chapter PowerPoint presentations are available to students on the Homework Page as well as most worksheets, labs, and other miscellaneous handouts.  Students who have missed class can now easily get themselves "caught up" with the rest of the class by reviewing and/or downloading the materials online.   

If you are not able to view the pdf files found on this website, you will need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader 

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