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 Fall Final Exam Review

Sample Exam Review with Answers

Spring Final Exam Review

Spring Final Review Questions



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Course Documents: 

Course Description
Chapter 1 Homework 
Chapter One What are Atoms Booklet
Significant Digits Rules
Atomic Structure Notes
Nuclear Chemistry Notes
Spectroscopy Notes
Ch.6 Trends Notes
Chapter 8-9 Bonding Notes
Naming Compounds
%Compostion/Empirical/Molecular Help
5 Kinds of Chemical Reactions
Fall Final Exam Review 2015
Stoichiometry Rules
Chapter 13-14:  Gases Notes 
Chapter 13 Phase Diagram Notes
Chapter 15 Notes Solution Chemistry 2015
Reaction Rates Video
Chapter 18 Equilibrium Notes
Le Chatelier Practice
Chapter 19 Acid & Base Notes
Chapter 16 &17 Thermochemistry and Reaction Rates Notes

Spring Semester Final Exam Study Guide Review
Spring Review Sample questions
Final Exam Spring Review Questions


Homeworks & Assignments:

How to Identify Variables
Logger Pro
Basic Conversions
Chapter 2 Homework
Chapter 3 & 4 Homework
Nuclear Sustainability
Chapter 5-6 Trends Homework
Ch. 6 Trends Review
Chapter 8 Homework
Chapter 9 Homework
Chapter 9 Table of bonding & shapes
Chapter 10 Balancing Equations 
Ch 11 Moles Homework
Mass-Moles-Minerals Lab
Ch. 12  Beginning Worksheet AKA Oreo Ratios
POGIL Stoichiometry
Ch. 12 Stoichiometry Homework
Chapter 13 States of Matter 
Gas Variables- POGIL
Chapter 14 Book Questions
Plotting Neutrons vs Atomic Number
Ch. 15 Solution Molarity Worksheet
Ch. 16 Thermo Homework
Chapter 19 Acid Homework 


Graphing Facts
Bubble Lab
Density Lab
Rumplestiltskin Lab
MgO Lab
What is a Chemical Reaction Lab
Gum Lab
Barking Dog
Copper Cycle Lab
Iron + Copper II Sulfate Stoichiometry Lab
Fizzy Kool-Aid Stoichiometry
Charles Law Lab
Stoichiometry Balloon Lab
Collection of Hydrogen Gas Lab
Precipitation Double Displacement Lab
Electrolyte Conductivity of a Diluted Molar Stock Solution
Determining the Concentration of Blue Dye in Gatorade
Solution Chemistry Lab
Freezing Point Depression Lab
LeChatelier Equilibrium Lab
Acid Vinegar Titration Lab
Cheeto Lab 
Specific Heat Of Metals Lab